Do you remember your graduation?

It’s that time of year again! Graduations are next week and I am very excited to be welcoming lots of new alumni to our network. I will be spending a lot of time next week at the alumni stand at graduations, chatting with our newest alum and telling them about the next stage of their journey with Reading.I will also be encouraging them to take pictures swhich I will be sharing with all of you on our social media channels.


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Picture1I graduated from Reading first in July 2005, and then in December 2013. What I remember most was the way everyone, from the people who gave me my robes to the photographers to the student helpers, congratulated me. It made me realise that it was such a special thing to be doing and something I should be proud of. I had a great time at Reading, which is why I am so happy to be back here as a member of staff!

So what are your memories of graduating from Reading? Were you nervous about the risk of tripping over on your way up to the stage? Were you proud to be able to share your achievement with family members and friends and show them your University? Did you have a reception in your department? We love to hear your stories about Reading and it would be great to have some memories to share in our graduation feature in Connected. Use the comments below, or tell us on facebook (University of Reading Alumni) or twitter (UniRdg_alumni).

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