Wood Workshop

The workshops will be closed for the duration of lockdown and announcements will be made via blackboard about schedules when it is safe to open in the future.

For now, Adam and Oren are available to contact through MS Teams or via phone as below for material and technical consultation throughout the week:


Spring Term 2021:

Adam Stead: 0118 378 7158

… 9:30am – 4pm on the following days:






Oren Shoesmith: 0118 378 3554

… 9:30am – 4pm on the following days:





We will also be scheduling material and technical surgeries while working online and these can be found in the Material Sessions sign-up on the ArtResources blog.

While we work online the workshop calendars listed below will not be populated with information, these will become active again when we resume on campus working.

For more information and resources from the workshops please visit the blackboard organisation: Workshops Information

Click the below links to access to Wood Workshop calendars:

Wood Workshop Calendar

Wood Workshop Inductions Calendar

Wood Workshop Virtual Tour

Workshop tour

Take a tour around the newly extended COVID safe Wood Workshop at RSA before coming in for your booked practical.

Wood Workshop Map (see the new layout)


Wood Workshop Booking

Wood workshop Booking Page

Please book an Online Consultation so that we can help you plan and support you as much as possible while minimising F2F interactions when you attend a practical.


Use this link to book onto both Online Consultations and Practical Sessions on Work Benches: Wood workshop Booking Page


Practical Sessions:

Please wait at the check in desk, you must be checked in by Adam or Oren on arrival.

What are you expected to provide yourself?

Please remember that you are expected to bring your own basic tools.

Basic tools you may need to bring yourself are:

    • Tape Measure
    • Pencil
    • Hand Saw
    • Hammer
    • Set Square

These items, and more, are available to purchase through the Art Shop.

Please contact Mildred Burchett-Vass regarding the shop: g.m.e.burchett-vass@reading.ac.uk

How to check out a tool for use in the studio?

There will be limited tools available for check-out for use in the studio at set-times.

Tools available for studio loan include:

    • Drills
    • Large spirit levels
    • Wood clamps

Wood Collections / Sheet cutting and Disposal:

Please wait at the check in desk, you must be checked in by Adam or Oren on arrival. You can come to the workshop to collect wood and ask for sheet to be cut at the times below:

 Got a question?

Please use the Online Consultations to ask us questions.