A cruise to officially celebrate the 4th week

Well the week just gone definitely had the best weather England has seen in a while!

Just after lunch on Tuesday I had a final meeting with Andrew to show him the the video & script I had come up for levels 1 and 2 for ‘Measurement of RNA expression’.  Andrew was impressed by the work done so far and acknowledged that I have been a busy bee over the summer!

My other challenge during this week was to convert the material using Articulate. Articulate is a great piece of software. I found it tricky to link all the slides together initially via ‘triggers’, but with a little endurance I finally got to grips with it!  I also started breaking down the materials on ‘Host Protein Expression Systems’.

The next two weeks will involve completing the work with Articulate for Levels 1-3 for ‘Measurement of RNA expression’, ‘Host Protein Expression Systems’ and possibly ‘Optimal Production of Proteins in E.Coli’. Generally I will have to break down all the other lectures on the module and make suggestions for improvements and make as many useful changes as possible and write an evaluation, so that my work can be easily handed over to someone else!

After work hours, this week was very social. On Tuesday our supervisor Kim and Tee and all summer and UROP students went to out for dinner.  And Sunday we cruised down the River Thames to Windsor castle for a picnic! This was very enjoyable and I’m now tempted to persue a career in the navy… just joking biology is for me!

Sam Holton

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  1. lauracotton says:

    I finally got a chance to look at your two presentations today, they both look great! looking forward to getting some more feedback from peer groups.


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