Back to work! Continuing the development of the EEB blended framework and the Internationalisation Project

Christmas and New Year are over, being the ambitious student I am, I think it’s about time  to get back to work! Due to the success of my UROP placement, I have been invited back part time to develop the module ‘An Integrated Systems Approach’. I will also be working on the Internationalisation Project alongside Katerina Lazidou. Both projects are to be funded by Digitally Ready Team.

This module includes new and old lectures that will be broken down a similar way to my previous module. I will also be developing and hopefully piloting the diagnostic tool which will differentiate candidates for different entry levels to access the module. I will be using the skills that I have gained from my previous placement ‘Genome to Proteome’ and information from the recent T&L showcase as an approach to develop this modular framework. I am looking forward to starting work on this new project as I find computational biology very exciting. The knowledge gained will also be of great benefit for my Bioinformatics module this term.

To increase my understanding of the Internationalisation project and to be able to continue work already done, on the 24th of January I will be attending a talk by Simon Sweeney who is the HEA advisor for the Internationalisation Change Programme. This talk will include a discussion with university staff and what implications there are for the University of Reading regarding Internationalisation.

I am currently working part time on these projects and will keep you updated with my progress and findings over the coming weeks!

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