Am I ready for the digital challenges?

Week 3, and I’m still enjoying myself! This week went very quickly, I have been working on my script and adding the finishing touches to the RNA technology slides. These are now complete and a script prepared, so I can start recording soon! I am starting to discover that everything is more difficult and takes longer than it seems. For example, we can only use certain images in our videos due to copyright! Was taught plagiarism before, but never copyright.

I critically reviewed Ted’s Bristol online survey before it is goes live in the near future. The survey was a set of very well thought through questions

The highlight of the week was my attendance to the Digitally Ready showcase. The different projects on a whole were very interesting and I learnt a few things relevant to the project and for my own studies such as using social media to make myself more employable.

As the end of the week was warmer, we had a group ice cream session! Mmmm strawberry!

Sam Holton

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