Internationalisation in T&L and Global Employability in Biosciences





This page provides information on the School of Biological Sciences project to support internationalisation for students’ employability.


The project aims to promote intercultural understanding to better prepare students for employment in a global context.

The project provides critical groundwork in the Biosciences to bring more effective teaching of international students; set the curriculum in a more internationally focused context; and improve student competitiveness.

To achieve these objectives, we will:

  • identify T&L challenges faced by international students and global employers to create subject-specific guidance for students, employers and educators,
  • identify required/desired skills that will enhance student international employability with subsequent integration into the current T&L curriculum; and
  • identify Bioscience partners to actively engage in T&L to improve student awareness of a global workforce.

The knowledge and resulting framework will be transferable to other science sectors.       


Start date: Feb 2012
End date: Dec 2012
Funded by: Higher Education Academy


Focus groups

Students’ participation has been via focus group discussions taking place in March and May 2012.

The objectives of the focus groups were two-fold:

  • to initiate a discussion with regards to employability with our current cohort of students, and
  • to identify 2 students to help with the project. There was a desireto select an international student who wishes to work in UK, and a home student who wishes to work abroad.

Further focus groups with students and employers are planned for the Autumn term (Oct-Dec 2012).

Online survey

A detailed on-line questionnaire is currently being prepared to capture home and international students’ :

  • Teaching and Learning experience in school/previous university
  • Previous academic institutional support
  • Previous exposure to career or work advice (direct/indirect)
  • Previous internship/work

At the end of the project, the questionnaire will be made available for download here.

Case studies

5 students have been identified that form the basis of case studies highlighting the international experience of our students. These students are a mix of home and international students who plan to work abroad or have undertaken or are currently undertaking internship/work outside their home country.
NOTE: Only professional work is being considered in this project, with the exception of part time work related to the field of study.


  1. HEA documentation
  2. Best practice guide handbook for the School of Biological Sciences for students (international and home) and for staff (academic and administrative) to enhance understanding of a globalised agenda.

At the end of the project, the following will be made available for downloading:

  • HEA documentation (final report, excluding confidential information)
  • Students’ project work
  • Case studies
  • Good practice guides


We be presenting outcomes of this project at the Internationalising learning and teaching: making connections conference 12th march 2013 in London.

We will also be organising an HEA-funded event on campus during the summer term of 2013 to disseminate findings of this project.


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