The end of my UROP placement!

This week, I have mainly been tying up loose ends and making sure everything is documented and ready to hand over to my supervisors (Kim and Tee).

All the presentations are now broken down into three levels of difficulty with each level ‘storyboarded’ (the content for each slide detailed and arranged to give the presentation a cohesive flow) and for some of the presentations, including, thermal analysis of biomolecules, soft ionisation mass spectrometry and single crystal X-ray diffraction, the re-vamped level one version has been converted into an online presentation using Articulate Storyline.

A general overview of the module at level one has been created using Prezi and all that remains is the screencasts of the lecturers delivering each session to be recorded and embedded in the presentation.

My time here has been enjoyable, I’ve learnt a lot about different types of software and creating blended learning materials, and my scientific knowledge has benefitted greatly! I hope that my time and effort has been equally useful to the project and I look forward to seeing the finished product next year when the module goes live.


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