Time flies when you’re working hard!

At the end of another eventful and productive week (despite the temptation to take a break and enjoy the glorious weather) it’s time to reflect on what has been achieved.

Several meetings at the beginning of the week proved fruitful, discovering audio recording facilities and other software that could potentially be used within the project.

I have now begun to break down the original materials into three levels of difficulty which will be used to make three versions of the course aimed at new graduates, those with doctorates or other post graduate qualifications and those who have been working within industry and wish to re-train or up-skill in certain areas.

The materials so far look great (in my completely unbiased opinion!) and the use of Articulate (software for presentations) has really bought to life the original presentations with the addition of interactive components such as videos, web links, animations and summary quizzes.

Currently I’m working on materials about Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS) which have been tough to get my head around as it is quite a specialist technique. The University of Reading is one of just a few universities that has its own ‘in house’ source to be able to carry out the technique on campus.

I have scheduled meetings with some of the contributing academics for next week and I’m keen to receive feedback with regards to the materials that have been created so far.

I look forward to sharing the progress being made again soon (next week is shaping out to be as eventful as this one!)

Laura Cotton

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