Two weeks left, the Race is on!

Only two more weeks of UROP placement left so the race is on to get everything done, Gold medal here I come!

One of my tasks within the project was to look through the original lecture materials and break the content down into three different difficulty levels. I have now completed this task and have begun to identify areas where more information and depth of the various topics is needed.

This afternoon I have begun to look for appropriate case studies to accompany the Small Angle X-Ray Scattering lecture which I’m hoping will provide the participants of the course with some relevant applications of the technique to apply in their own industries.

This week I have worked more with the software ‘Articulate’ which I have found excellent to use, the interface is intuitive (similar to Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint) and the interactive tools available make the presentation much more engaging. There have been some technical challenges when it comes to publishing the work, however, with some online troubleshooting and help from Tee I’m sure this will resolve itself!

Next week it will be more of the same, identifying areas to research further, finding extra resources and putting together another online presentation.

We now have two versions of our work, one using Camtasia and one using Articulate and we are planning to get feedback from our peers to assess which presentation style they prefer.

Nearing the end of my placement now and the project is making some real progress!

Laura Cotton

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