LinkedIn – How to connect with the world’s biggest professional network!

I’m not usually big on statistics, but having looked at the facts and figures for LinkedIn, even I was impressed. The professional networking site has:

  • 467 million users worldwide
  • 40 million student and recent graduate users
  • 3 million active jobs

“What’s LinkedIn?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s an online professional network and allows you to build a “profile” (CV), connect with other professionals, build your network and apply for jobs – plus much more. It’s a worldwide phenomenon (available in 24 languages to quote a 4th fact!) so wherever you are from and wherever you’d like to work, LinkedIn can add a global aspect to your job search.

Once you have created your profile, you can use LinkedIn to search for contacts, organisations and jobs of interest – but better still, some employers advertising on LinkedIn ask you to apply for their jobs and internships by simply “pressing a button” (yes, really!) which allows you to submit your profile as your application!

So if you’re reading this and don’t (yet!) have a LinkedIn profile, but think it could be something worth looking into, why not come along to our “Getting Started with LinkedIn” session on November 15th at 5 pm? We’ll talk you through how to create your profile and show you some of the ways you can use it – you’ll then have time to start building your profile there and then. Just bring your laptop or tablet! Couldn’t be simpler!

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Article signed by Alison Taylor, Careers Consultant