What finalists should be doing in week 11

Written by Kevin Thompson, Careers Consultant

Are you in your final year and in need of a break from all the hard work? We completely understand!

It’s week 11 and soon you’ll have some time for yourself to relax, recuperate and take stock. This is also your last chance to think about what you’re going to do after your course, maybe find some grad schemes in 2018.   

Here are some guidelines to help you plan and take positive action:

  • You’ll be graduating in 2018, have you got many any plans? It’s perfectly fine if you haven’t. Meet and chat to a Careers Consultant and they’ll help you map out your future. Book a 1:1 appointment on MJO!
  • Whether you decide to go for a graduate job or a post-graduate course in 2018, you still have time to take actionMany employers will be advertising jobs in the New Year and further study places are still available. Use appropriate filters to search for graduate opportunities on MyJobsOnline.
  • Many jobs/grad schemes for 2018 aren’t visibly advertised so, if you can’t find vacancies to match your interests, get help from our Careers Consultants – they’ll show you where to look. 
  • Take part in the Career Events happening at the beginning of 2018. You might be particularly interested in our series of three finalist workshops starting 23 January:

1. Career Ready? A crash course for finalists – it will help you explore careers

2. How to decide what is right for you

3.  Where to find jobs


Good luck in the last week of term!