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Various graduates answers to THAT question: "What are you going to do afterwards?".

Dec 21

“I had absolutely no idea I would end up doing this, but everything’s worked out fine in the end and I’m perfectly happy.” – Andy’s Answer

Andy Grayson, Secondary School Teacher “Hello, my name’s Andy and I graduated in 2014 from Bath University, with a 2:1 in Sociology. Having always had low aspirations, my intention since about GCSE stage had been to take the easiest possible subject at the best possible university, then by hanging onto the coattails of the institution’s prestige …

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Dec 16

“If I had one bit of advice it would be this: Don’t look for a career.” – Glenn’s Answer

Glenn Tosek, Digital Information Assistant, University of Reading I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2014 and was completely relaxed about careers and the future. I’d had an amazing three years at university and always felt these things have a way of figuring themselves out in the end. Besides, I felt I’d earned a …

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Oct 27

“I resigned at the end of my first day.” – Nicky’s Answer

Nicky Denovan, Co-Founder and Director, PR agency EvokedSet I graduated from Reading in 1998, equipped with a clutch of student loans, a good degree in English Literature, and a very sketchily-formed notion of working as an editor.  The week after graduation, I accepted a job as a junior editor at a scientific publishing company.  But …

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Oct 06

“Three years after graduating, I plucked up the courage to get my dream job.” – Beth’s Answer

Beth Leslie, Content Writer, Inspiring Interns For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer. But although I studied English Literature at university, I was too scared to pursue my dream upon graduating. I knew how competitive the industry was and although I believed I was a good writer I thought …

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Jun 22

“All I had to do now was quit”: Stephen’s Answer

Stephen Barnett, Founder at Catalyst Founders. “I graduated from Cambridge University in 2009 with a degree in Social and Political Sciences. It was a fantastic course; broad in scope and profound in its study of how humanity works. It was, however, far from vocational. I was therefore presented with an alarming range of graduate careers. …

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