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Latest news about the labour and graduate market.

What can I do with my degree?

How to use it Graduate careers relevant to your degree Where to start Graduate careers open to any discipline Other options Looking outside the Big Graduate Recruiters Bridging the gap How to improve your chances of getting a job How to use it This coaching guide is designed to help you in identifying the choices …

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I want to research an occupation

Before you start researching Reading about occupations Listening to information about occupations Watching people working Doing the job yourself Persistence Before you start researching Researching an occupation is a great way to begin to test whether that occupation could be a good fit for you or not. If you are looking into a role as …

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I want to access the hidden job market

Introduction Getting started… 1 The process Getting started… 2 Managing your expectations Creating a networking habit Want more? Suggested text for networking email Introduction The majority of jobs never get advertised. Many are acquired through being offered permanent work after placements or work experience, spontaneous offers of employment from people you know and speculative applications. …

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How to use a recruitment agency

What is a recruitment consultancy? How can I find and approach a recruitment consultancy? What are the advantages of using one? Are there problems to look out for? What rules should they follow? Getting started What is a recruitment consultancy? Legally known as an employment agency, a recruitment consultancy creates a pool of potential candidates …

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What makes a successful copywriter?

This article has been provided by an external organisation – please read our disclaimer. One question that persists for all university students is – “what am I going to do when I leave uni?” For some of you studying English and other related courses, a career as a copywriter may have suggested itself. But this raises …

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