Green Careers and Circular Economy

Written by Fiona Corby, Careers Consultant

22 – 24 November is our Green Fest here at Reading, and our Green Careers Event will showcase a range of careers in the Environment

This will be held on Wednesday 22nd November from 13:00-15:00.

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So what are Green Careers? Or career opportunities associated with the Environment? Are there any other ways to describe this sector?

Circular Economy

Championed by Unilever, Renault, Kingfisher, Phillips and Cisco, all of whom have made significant advances in transitioning to circular business models and are founding partners of the respected Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the circular economy concept is a central theme at national and EU policy level.

In contrast to the conventional economic system based on taking, making and disposing of things, a circular (non-linear) economy runs in loops, reusing materials, and with big implications for job creation, competitiveness and resource savings. It is a concept much broader than simply recycling – it’s about maintaining the value of everything we use for as long as possible, looking for other uses for the by-products discarded during conventional production and employing intelligent design.

Innovation in this field is being driven by large corporations who are piloting new business models based on leasing, product performance, remanufacture and extended lifecycle thinking. The adoption of a circular economy offers considerable economic benefits; Defra1 calculates that UK businesses could benefit by up to £23 billion per year through low cost or no cost improvements in the efficient use of resources, whilst McKinsey estimates that the global value of resource efficiency could eventually reach $3.7 trillion per year.

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In addition to attending the above-mentioned workshop, careers consultants can direct you to resources which may enable you to find out about careers in the Environment as well as those which are part of the Circular Economy. You can book an initial consultation by visiting or telephone 0118 378 8359.

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