THRIVE Mentoring Wins National Award for Excellence

The THRIVE Career Mentoring Scheme has been recognised as one of the top student mentoring schemes in the country!

For 5 years, the University has been connecting students with experienced professionals, working within various industries, through THRIVE to help propel them along their career path. This year, at the national AGCAS Awards for Excellence they won the award for Research Informed Practice. Continue reading

Are you a student? Here’s why you should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for students – getting started

Written by Alison Taylor, Careers Consultant

I’m not usually big on statistics, but having looked at the facts and figures for LinkedIn, even I was impressed. The professional networking site has: Continue reading

10 ways to a greener career

How to build your career and save the environment at the same time

Not everyone with a passion for the environment will be in a position to lay down in front of the bulldozers to prevent an ancient woodland being destroyed! So to manage your environmental impact during your career what can you do?

Before you continue reading, find out about the events that we are organising in Careers as part of Green Festival this year to help you explore different career options:

Explore Careers Working with Animals | 12 Nov | Book now

Explore Green Careers | 14 November | Book now Continue reading

Why internships are a must: Working with Sustainability Services

Doing an internship in sustainability

Written by Abi Ravichanthiran, MSc Environmental Management

I have worked with the Sustainability Services (University of Reading’s sustainability team) for over 3 years. I found this internship via the Reading Internship Scheme (RIS)- exclusive to Reading students on the MyJobsOnline (MJO) portal. My role includes assisting and undertaking projects to improve the environmental performance of the University. I have held three roles: Junior Energy Officer, Junior Sustainability Officer and Sustainability Assistant. Here are my top 5 reasons as to why internships (or part-time jobs) are a must for a student: Continue reading

Internships: Your easy route into work

Owen Wright, Digital Marketing Executive at Intern Avenue 

Internships at Reading – your route into work

Have you been put off internships because you think they are unpaid?

Don’t be.

Unpaid internships are illegal. And they’re dying out. Continue reading

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