How to write a CV for an entry-level job in digital marketing

This article is written by Andrew Fennell. Andrew is the founder and director of StandOut CV, a leading CV advice website which helps job hunters land the jobs they want. 

As a University of Reading student or recent graduate, you are entitled to free CV advice from our experts. The Careers Consultants are offering free CV reviews aimed at helping you to put together a successful application regardless of the area of your desired job. Head over to MyJobsOnline to book a Careers Appointment with one of our consultants if you want to get your CV checked. Continue reading

How to break into the charity sector

Written by Lucy Gibb, Charity Fast-Track Support Assistant

Lucy studied at Cardiff University, where she completed a degree in adult nursing. She practised as a nurse before moving into the charity sector. She has worked in events, fundraising and student support and is now working for Charity Fast-Track in a support role.

I never really thought of charity as a career option when I graduated. I trained as a nurse and naturally fell into a nursing role post-university. After a couple of sludgy years working in the NHS, I started looking round for a career move. I wanted to help solve the world’s most pressing problems, as well as have a more rewarding, interesting life. Continue reading

Things I’ve learned while planning my PPY

This blog is written by Charlie Cooper, a third-year Consumer Behaviour and Marketing (CBM) student at the University of Reading. Charlie is currently doing a Professional Placement Year in Cape Town, South Africa, where he joined Avirtual to learn SEO, digital communications and PR.

Continue reading

7 tips for starting your own business after university

Written by Robert Lomax, author and director of RSL Educational Ltd.


Are you thinking of starting your own business as a student or after you graduate?

Perhaps you’re somebody who likes the idea of being your own boss.

If you’re like I was, you probably also find the idea daunting:

  • You don’t know how to go about it
  • The complexities are overwhelming
  • You’re worried about the financial risk involved
  • Perhaps you don’t even know what sort of product or service you might be able to sell!

I started an educational publishing business in my late twenties; but with hindsight, I could have done it much sooner. Continue reading

5 apps to progress your career at university

This summer, the mobile app ecosystem is turning 10. To celebrate, we have decided to explore the App Store and see what’s on offer to help you get your career on track. There are over 2 million apps in the App Store alone so here is our suggestion based on the ones we were able to review. We’ll keep our eyes wide open in the future and if we spot any new and uber-useful apps, we’ll share them on the Careers Blog. Continue reading

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