How to use the STAR technique in a job interview

Jessica Ching is Digital Content & Marketing Executive at the London-based graduate recruitment agency, Give A Grad A Go. Since 2009, they have placed nearly 3,000 candidates in their ideal graduate jobs. Browse the latest Graduate Jobs on Give A Grad A Go’s website.

A graduate job interview can consist of many different types of interview questions; including knowledge-based, character, credential verification, and competency-based questions. Knowing the most effective interview techniques for answering each of these questions, and understanding how to implement them, can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful job interview. Continue reading

Fraud Warning – Campbell Gray Hotels

Fake employer using real company name scams students around the UK – Campbell Gray Hotels

The Careers Centre advertises job opportunities for students via our online portal, MyJobsOnline. It has recently come to our attention that an individual posing as Campell Gray Hotels has posted a fraudulent job advert on MyJobsOnline. This advert has now been withdrawn.

If you have seen and responded to this advert, please be aware that the job is not genuine and the email address is fake.  If you receive any contact from an individual claiming to represent Campbell Gray Hotels, please do not respond. The individual may request a payment, or admin fee, for your job application. You should not make a payment to them under any circumstances.

Campell Gray Hotels are aware of this scam and have issued a statement on their website. You can read it here:


In the meantime, here are some pointers to avoid being scammed online:

Does the email address look genuine?

In the Campell Gray Hotels scam, the fraudster tweaked one letter in their email address to make it look genuine (there was only one “l” instead of two). Double check the email address before corresponding with any employer.

Be wary of any email address that does not look professional (for example: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc). Most legitimate employers will have a business email address, normally with the same domain name as their website. At the Careers Centre, if an employer fails to provide a business email address we will not promote their opportunities.

Is there a fee?

Most credible employers will not charge a fee for applications. Avoid any employers who ask you to pay an admin fee – this is not common practice in the UK. The Careers Centre does not promote opportunities that require students to pay a fee of any kind.

Check the employer’s website

If you hear about a job opportunity from a third party (a jobs portal, for example), check the employer’s website to find out more. If you are unable to find the opportunity on their website, there’s a chance that the third party advert you’ve seen is not genuine. If you are uncertain, contact the employer directly. Most employers will provide a contact address for their HR department on their website.

Check the location

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth checking that the employer has an office in the location given. In the Campbell Gray Hotels scam, the advert stated that the job was based in Reading.  If you check on the Campbell Gray website, you’ll discover that they do not have any hotels in Reading.

For more information on avoiding recruitment scams, take a look at this article on the Careers blog:


9 most common CV mistakes and how to avoid them

Avoid making these 9 mistakes when writing your CV

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UK Huawei Seeds for the Future 2019 – Apply now!

**NOW CLOSING 4pm on Friday 15 February 2019**

Quick quiz:

  • Are you an undergraduate student looking for a life-changing experience?
  • Are you excited by technical problems because you see them as opportunities to grow as a person?
  • Are you fascinated by the rise of Asia and ever wondered how to get practical experience working for a dynamic global business in China?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, read on! Continue reading

THRIVE Mentoring Wins National Award for Excellence

The THRIVE Career Mentoring Scheme has been recognised as one of the top student mentoring schemes in the country!

For 5 years, the University has been connecting students with experienced professionals, working within various industries, through THRIVE to help propel them along their career path. This year, at the national AGCAS Awards for Excellence they won the award for Research Informed Practice. Continue reading

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