How to make the most of your THRIVE mentoring experience

Plan your THRIVE mentoring experience

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It’s approaching that time of year when all the students signed up to THRIVE complete their training and get in contact with their mentors for the first time. It is a fantastic opportunity to stride forward towards your future and an incredible career journey. Your mentor will be there to offer you a range of advice, build your contact network and offer you tangible experiences to give you the edge in the job market. Continue reading

Professional Placement Year Boot Camp

Boot Camp for Year-Two students

Are you a Part 2 student who is keen to do a Professional Placement Year in 2019/20?

Attend our dedicated 1-day Professional Placement Year Boot Camp on November 8th and hit the ground running. Continue reading

Social Impact Careers

Make your mark on the community

Social Impact Careers is the first of the 3 themed-weeks series focusing on specific job sectors, organised by Careers at the University of Reading. Continue reading

Volunteering opportunities

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Prepare for the Careers and Placements Fair

Research and preparation before the Careers Fair

Written by Lucy Hawkins, Careers Consultant

Imagine if you were on a blind date, and your date hadn’t even been bothered to read your profile. That’s the kind of impression we give to employers when we ask questions like “so what does your company do again?!” Continue reading

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