Built Environment Fair 2019!


Are you interested in a career in the Built Environment but unsure where to start?                   Then the Built Environment Careers Fair is for you! The fair consists of over 30 construction firms looking to recruit from the School of the Built Environment but may also be …

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Careers sessions for international students

Glowing connections

Are you an international student?                   We know that navigating the world of work can be a little bit different for you, so we want to make sure you feel supported and ready for starting your career after graduation. That’s why across the  05 – 06 November, …

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space - blue planet

The UK’s space sector is growing fast and is in desperate need of smart people to fill thousands of new jobs every year. A career in the space industry could include making discoveries about distant planets, designing space settlements, helping aid agencies reach disaster zones, supporting astronauts with the psychological strain of life in space, …

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How to get into advertising and marketing

City illuminated by adverts

Finding Success in Advertising/Marketing There is a general misconception of what ‘advertising’ in its entirety is. Adverting isn’t just print, billboards and tv; it’s not even simply visual for that matter. Advertising is the process of aligning an offering with a market, whatever the medium or channel one might use.   There are so many …

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Standing out as an artist

Paint being mixed on a palette

International Artist Day is October 25th   If you see yourself working as an artist, the chances are you’re already making art. But how could you turn this into a career or part of your working life? Here are three resources that will help you to explore, or begin this journey… Artquest (https://www.artquest.org.uk/) offers information, …

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