Why internships are a must: Working with Sustainability Services

Doing an internship in sustainability

Written by Abi Ravichanthiran, MSc Environmental Management

I have worked with the Sustainability Services (University of Reading’s sustainability team) for over 3 years. I found this internship via the Reading Internship Scheme (RIS)- exclusive to Reading students on the MyJobsOnline (MJO) portal. My role includes assisting and undertaking projects to improve the environmental performance of the University. I have held three roles: Junior Energy Officer, Junior Sustainability Officer and Sustainability Assistant. Here are my top 5 reasons as to why internships (or part-time jobs) are a must for a student: Continue reading

Internships: Your easy route into work

Owen Wright, Digital Marketing Executive at Intern Avenue 

Internships at Reading – your route into work

Have you been put off internships because you think they are unpaid?

Don’t be.

Unpaid internships are illegal. And they’re dying out. Continue reading

How to apply for internships

Applying for internships during your time at Reading

It is essential that as part of your university education you complete at least two internships throughout your undergraduate degree. Internships are available for all year groups, from Part one to recent graduates. This session will help you explore and understand how you can achieve these internships. This is an essential workshop for Part 2 students and we strongly recommend ALL Part 2 students attend this session.   Continue reading

How the University of Reading became a leader in sustainability

The journey to sustainability at the University of Reading

Written by Robert Moore, Part 3 Geography student and Sustainability Assistant at the University of Reading

The Journey

The University of Reading began its sustainability journey 12 years ago, in 2006, with the Clean and Green scheme which eventually led to the creation of EEST (Environment, Energy and Sustainability Team) in 2008/09. The name of the team changed over time and finally evolved into Sustainability Services as we know it today. Currently, Sustainability Services consists of nine people (including 2 UoR student interns), working on projects relating to the management of energy, water, waste and travel to help improve environmental sustainability in these areas for the University. Continue reading

How to make the most of your THRIVE mentoring experience

Plan your THRIVE mentoring experience

Read time: 4 minutes

It’s approaching that time of year when all the students signed up to THRIVE complete their training and get in contact with their mentors for the first time. It is a fantastic opportunity to stride forward towards your future and an incredible career journey. Your mentor will be there to offer you a range of advice, build your contact network and offer you tangible experiences to give you the edge in the job market. Continue reading

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