How a THRIVE mentor can help you to kick-start your career

THRIVE Mentoring at the beginning of your career

Popular culture is littered with examples of the guiding wisdom a well-suited mentor can offer. For Luke Skywalker there was Yoda, for the Karate Kid there was Mr Miyagi and for Heracles there was Philoctetes (although, our Classics students will know that the character was actually based on Chiron the Centaur.) Continue reading

Apply for the 2019 Legal Launch Pad Programme

Are you a current student at the University of Reading doing a law degree?

The LLP programme is targeted at second, final-year and postgraduate (GDL, LPC etc) law students and final-year non-law students from African, Caribbean, Asian and other ethnic minority or socially disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK (England and Wales) interested in pursuing a legal career. Continue reading

5 ways to boost your graduate CV

This article was written by Andrew Fennel from StandOut CV.


Transitioning from education to the working world can be a challenge, especially when you’re looking for your CV to stand out amongst the qualified and experienced competition. If you’re graduating from university, producing a CV that highlights your degree knowledge and workplace skills is essential. Continue reading

Part-time work, volunteering and much more at JobFest 2018

JobFest event poster

Welcome Week is underway, and there are plenty of activities taking place on campus. After you’ve gone through the enrolment process and have officially become a Reading student, you’re free to attend and enjoy all of them. There is so much going on, that you really need to start using the University’s student portal, Me@Reading, asap. So go on there and check out the events listing! Continue reading

10 jobs that will be in high demand in the future

This article is written by Jessica Gross. Jessica Gross is a writer and academic consultant. She has recently started – a portal to share her posts. She often writes for the travel and health section of Postbloggers.

Many at some point have considered what will be the future of the world of work? It has already been observed that new professions are subject to greater demands for skills and constant evolution, and new professionals are being trained and qualified in different tasks. Continue reading

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