RIS Summer Social

On the 10th of August, students on the Reading Internship Scheme were invited to Mojo’s to share their experiences on their RIS summer internships during a Summer Social event.

Students playing games on a terrace

The evening brought together students from various different disciplines and with different roles on their internships. What brought them together wasn’t only the experience of working in small and medium-sized companies and local charities – it was the team building activities. After playing social bingo, a quiz, and some very competitive building with spaghetti and marshmallows, the group got to know one another a little better. With their internships and the Summer Social, students have not only gained invaluable work experience and increased their employability skills, but they have been able to share their experiences and increase their networks. These students are the 2017 RIS generation entering into the growing internship network: gaining paid professional work experience and exploring their career options.

The Reading Internship Scheme helps students gain work experience by completing a paid 6-12 week internship. Vacancies are local to Reading and London. This summer, 66 students gained around 18,500 hours of work experience in total through the scheme!