Scared of boring jobs? Grab your Enternship now!

“The news is filled with gloomy predictions about youth unemployment and an unstable economy so the future looks pretty scary for today’s students. If you want to give your career a great start you need to work hard, get good grades, get a job with a multinational and your life will be sorted for the next decade or so.

Unless you choose to live in the past. The 21st century technological boom has changed the way in which the present works, and that includes recruitment and career progression. Nowadays we use Facebook as a personal CV and Twitter to communicate with potential employers; we have thousands of jobs only a click away; and we have the opportunity to work from the comfort of our own homes.

Much has changed for today’s worker and one of the most exciting transitions has been in favour of small businesses. Ever since Facebook’s success, more and more entrepreneurs are rising up to the challenge of setting up their own business and pursue their dream idea. Places like Sillicon Valley and London’s Tech City in Old Street have become famous clusters for tech lovers, geeks and bohemians coming to work altogether in start-ups and drive innovation forward.

The future is in the hands of these people and in the offices of these companies so this is where we should all be sending our job applications. And if you’re not sure this is what you want, the best way to test your start-up compatibility is by trialling with an internship. An entrepreneurial internship is what you need to boost your career prospects and pave your way into the start-up world. Grab your Enternship now“.

Rajeeb Dey, Founder & CEO of