Regain the crown for Reading at the CISCO University Challenge 2017

Following the success of last year’s edition, CISCO are delighted to announce that they are hosting another event this year, between 26th – 27th October.

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Five Things You May Not Know About Careers…

In February, we asked UoR students to participate in a Careers Survey to listen to your ideas, and ensure that we keep on improving the service we provide. Over 1000 students replied and we are excited to announce the results are in. With the Easter holidays soon to be over and the final term of the academic year fast-approaching, here are 5 things you may not know about your Careers Centre…







1. Those who have used us, would recommend us…

If you have never thought to use your Careers service, and want to learn more, why not speak to someone who has done so already? 97% of students who have previously used our services would recommend visiting Careers to another student.

2. And more often than not, we meet your expectations.

Whether you have a vague idea of what your future holds, or feel totally lost on the subject, we in Careers do all we can to help you plan and build your career. An overwhelming 95% of respondents who had previously used our services felt that Careers met their own personal expectations.

3. We’re not just here for final year students…

Do not feel you have to wait until your final year of study to start thinking about careers! Based on the Careers Student Survey, 87.7% of all first-year students at the University would recommend the us, while an even higher 87.9% of all second-year students would do the same.

4. However graduation is no reason to panic…

For those of you rapidly approaching the end of your studies, Careers has a wide range of resources and opportunities to help you start planning for life after university. Whether looking for graduate schemes, placements, part or full-time work, 88.4% of all third-year students would recommend Careers.

5. Because here at Careers, we cater for everyone!

Students from schools all across the University have used some of the services on offer by Careers. 93.2% of Pharmacy students would recommend us, while an even higher 94.4% of Law students would too. Alongside this, nearly 70% of overseas students have use our services.


So regardless of whether you are at the very beginning or very end of your time at university, or are studying the ways of the law as opposed to the specifics of pharmacy, there is something for everyone within Careers at the University of Reading. So browse online  or pop into the Carrington Building (Building 135 Whiteknights campus), located next to the Palmer Building.