How to impress at the Fair

And more importantly, what to wear

Written by Emma Butler, Careers Consultant

You’ve done your research and worked out who you want to speak to at the Fair. Now you need to know how to go about it to create the right impression. Continue reading

Get to the front of the line with Frontline’s ‘Diversity in Social Work’ Insight Day





Frontline is a brand new, accelerated, two-year programme for graduates with a focus on leadership development. This is an innovative opportunity for exceptional people to lead change in society. Frontline participants will work with police, courts, schools, vulnerable children and families as children’s social workers – one of Britain’s toughest jobs. To learn more about Frontline, visit their website HERE.

You will spend the day at our head office:

  • Developing your employment skills
  • Learning about Frontline and our impact on society
  • Networking with leaders from the Frontline community

When: 20th July 2016
Where: Frontline, 4th Floor, Kingsway, Holborn WC2B 6TD
Time: 10am – 4.30pm (Lunch will be provided)
Travel: We’ll reimburse reasonable travel expenses for this event at our discretion.

We welcome applications from all students, graduates and career changers from any degree discipline (except social work) or stage of university but particularly welcome applications from:

  • Men and Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds (BAME)*
  • Leaders who are passionate about making a difference
  • Challenge seekers who want to maximize their employability

We encourage candidates from these BAME backgrounds to apply: Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese or any other Asian background, African, Caribbean or any other black background, White and Asian, white and black African, white and black Caribbean or any other mixed ethnic background

Apply now to find out where a career with Frontline could take you!

To apply choose 1 of the following questions and answer in no more than 300 words:

The biggest issue facing children or young people today is…And why?

Give an example of a time when you have made a positive contribution to society.  What was the outcome?

Why do you think it is important for children and young people who have experienced care to have positive role models?

Start your application here:

Applications open: Friday 22nd April
Deadline: Friday 20th May

‘Earn as you Learn’ this summer as a Recruitment Intern with APSCo

This summer the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) are offering undergraduates across the country the chance to take part in a full-time, paid internship programme in the competitive, yet exciting, world of recruitment.

APSCo work with some of the UK’s leading recruitment businesses. Following its success in previous years, the Intern Programme provides undergraduates the chance to spend 10 – 12 weeks, between July and September 2016, with the organisation learning all about the recruitment industry.

Open to all undergraduates here at the University of Reading, the internship will provide you with:

– An invaluable insight into the exciting, fast-paced world of recruitment.
– The opportunity to meet a wide-range of contacts and organisations.
– A pathway to put your CV head and shoulders above the competition.
– The chance to learn all the job-hunting ‘tricks of the trade’ from inside the recruitment profession.
– Pay at the rate of £270 per week for the placement period.

“I would highly recommend this internship to anyone and I will walk away from these 12 weeks with a very sought after skill set which I can now carry with me throughout my career.” – University of Reading Marketing undergraduate, APSCo Intern, 2015.

This is a brilliant opportunity to break into the highly-competitive industry of recruitment. The programme from APSCo could help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs in the future, and also provides the opportunity for regular income during the summer vacation. An opportunity not to be missed!

For more information on how to become an APSCo Intern, please visit or email

Five Things You May Not Know About Careers…

In February, we asked UoR students to participate in a Careers Survey to listen to your ideas, and ensure that we keep on improving the service we provide. Over 1000 students replied and we are excited to announce the results are in. With the Easter holidays soon to be over and the final term of the academic year fast-approaching, here are 5 things you may not know about your Careers Centre…







1. Those who have used us, would recommend us…

If you have never thought to use your Careers service, and want to learn more, why not speak to someone who has done so already? 97% of students who have previously used our services would recommend visiting Careers to another student.

2. And more often than not, we meet your expectations.

Whether you have a vague idea of what your future holds, or feel totally lost on the subject, we in Careers do all we can to help you plan and build your career. An overwhelming 95% of respondents who had previously used our services felt that Careers met their own personal expectations.

3. We’re not just here for final year students…

Do not feel you have to wait until your final year of study to start thinking about careers! Based on the Careers Student Survey, 87.7% of all first-year students at the University would recommend the us, while an even higher 87.9% of all second-year students would do the same.

4. However graduation is no reason to panic…

For those of you rapidly approaching the end of your studies, Careers has a wide range of resources and opportunities to help you start planning for life after university. Whether looking for graduate schemes, placements, part or full-time work, 88.4% of all third-year students would recommend Careers.

5. Because here at Careers, we cater for everyone!

Students from schools all across the University have used some of the services on offer by Careers. 93.2% of Pharmacy students would recommend us, while an even higher 94.4% of Law students would too. Alongside this, nearly 70% of overseas students have use our services.


So regardless of whether you are at the very beginning or very end of your time at university, or are studying the ways of the law as opposed to the specifics of pharmacy, there is something for everyone within Careers at the University of Reading. So browse online  or pop into the Carrington Building (Building 135 Whiteknights campus), located next to the Palmer Building.


Why Take a RIS Internship?

During your time at University, most people are looking for only a few things; to specialise in their academic career, to improve job prospects, and to have fun! So why should you consider taking an internship? Where does it fit into your University experience? The most obvious answer is to supplement the second of those three points – internships, without a doubt, make you more employable once you’ve left University and often result in job offers.

With more widespread Higher Education, and the job market being so competitive these days, having a degree doesn’t stand out in the same way as it used to, and many Graduates struggle to get into suitable work after completing their studies. With that in mind, having anything that can help you stand out from the everyone else is a bonus and an internship in particular is an even bigger boon as it demonstrates experience in the workplace (even if that workplace isn’t one that you wish to endeavour into as a career.)

But how else does it contribute towards your University experience?

With the University offering over £100,000 in funding for internships, a number of the experiences on offer do actually relate directly to a number of subjects taught. Whilst, of course, it isn’t essential to find an internship in your desired field, it is a big bonus in helping funnel you into your desired career and it may even supplement your studies!

It can also even improve the fun! A tenuous link, perhaps, but you get PAID for any internship you pick up through RIS! And the best thing is that internships are all short, fixed-term positions. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go back, but you’ll still get paid and have the experience forever. It’s the stress-free, no-obligation approach to careers experience!

So why not take a look at what is coming up this summer, ranging from 4-12 weeks and all paying at least minimum wage*:

*Excluding volunteer positions.

Career insight into the fashion industry with Kate Blythe

Kate Blythe is the Editorial and Content Director for MATCHESFASHION.COM. Below she tells us why she decided to work in fashion, and how she got started…


I always wanted to be a fashion journalist from the age of 10 or 11. I collected American and British Vogue magazines for years and fell in love with the beautiful images and inspirational features. From that age onwards I had my heart set on a fashion journalism career and so I focused on English literature and Language as my speciality. I took English, Psychology and History A Levels and then I went to Leeds University to study an English degree. Before university, however, I set up work experience at my local paper and then went to IPC to intern at various magazines such as 19 magazine and Just 17. As a post-graduate, I went to Time Out magazine in London where I worked for 6 months as a freelance writer, and from there I went to ELLE magazine where I worked for 4 years as fashion features writer before moving into the digital world after that.


o   What does a typical day for you look like at

I start work around 8.30am and have 30 minutes before the team arrive to get through my emails and answer any queries. I sign off, approve and commission all content across mens and womens digital and print titles so my day is a constant stream of questions from my team and proofs to sign off. I also oversee all video content, along with marketing emails, social media and all fashion. I can be approving a fashion rail full of clothes for a cover shoot one minute, then sitting in the executive team meetings discussing forward planning the next. It’s non-stop and very varied, which is why I love my job! I leave work at 6pm to get home to my three children before bedtime which is also when the US markets are up and so I then deal with talent agents regarding celebrity cover stories and shoots.


o   What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career has been building a world class team here at and rebranding all of the website and content in a short space of time. It has been an exciting 18 months and the best is yet to come.


o   What do you enjoy the most about working in fashion?

I love all aspects of fashion – from the incredible talent of the designers behind the collection, to the beautiful product that is created to the editorial stories we pull together from the collections we stock. It is fast moving, exciting and inspiring.


o   What made you choose English as your degree, and what was your best experience whilst at Uni?

I have always been passionate about writing and would love writing essays at school and sixth form college. There is something about story telling that is very exciting to me and so there was really no other degree that I would have considered, other than fashion journalism. University was wonderful and I loved meeting great friends, learning new skills and knowing that I was preparing myself for a future in journalism. I couldn’t wait to get started!


o   Do you have any advice for students on how to stay creative and keep coming up with new ideas?

Read as much as possible – the news, websites, blogs, fashion commentary, magazines. Arm yourself with information and never think that you know it all. I am learning new skills every day and that triggers ideas in my mind for new ideas. Never plagiarise, always be original and stick to your passions rather than follow the pack. Then you will have the potential to be hugely successful!


o   Do you have any motivational words for students aspiring to make it in this very competitive industry?

Take on as much work experience as possible and when you are in a company doing a placement or internship, throw yourself into the role and make yourself indispensable. That is what I did and two months later I was offered a full time job. Never say no, always say yes to whatever task is given to you and your positive attitude and can-do nature will go along way in impressing the right people.


o   What key skills do you need to get into fashion?

Great personal taste, passion for the subject you are working on and digital knowledge. Nowhere is purely print these days, so digital skills are a necessity for being a future fashion leader.


o   If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice whilst you were a student, what would it be?

I used to have to read a whole pile of books every week yet I never allowed myself enough time to really enjoy them. I would have told my younger self to enjoy the time I had and to absorb the literature I was reading, rather than racing through it all. I never have any time these days to read a good book, so that was my perfect opportunity.


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