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3 LinkedIn courses to help you stand out for the right reasons


Written by Andrew Falconer  There’s often a desperation in candidates to stand out but few actually know what it means. When you are recruiting at graduate level, if we’re being honest, most candidates are very similar. They’ve all done the same sorts of internships, part-time jobs, co-curricular activities and that’s fine. It’s why we have …

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They’ve been in your shoes! Connecting to alumni on LinkedIn

graduates in a row

James Cracknell, Pippa Greenwood, Jamie Cullen, Tomasz Schafernaker, Falz – the list of Reading University alumni covers a range of sectors and some high profile individuals. It’s an impressive list of those who have achieved in their disciplines  And as current students are meant to engage with alumni it makes sense to reach out to …

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The top 3 types of people to connect to on LinkedIn

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I keep hearing from students that LinkedIn is “just another jobs site”. Certainly, over the past few years LinkedIn has become a powerful recruiting tool and jobs board, but to focus just on that is missing the point. The site was originally conceived as a means of connecting people and, more importantly, skills. It was …

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LinkedIn Learning for students

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that allows you to develop skills through professional and expert-led video tutorials based around three main themes – Business, Technology & Creative. It is flexible – access it through your web browser or via the iOS/Android app for mobile devices, learn at your own pace with bite-size and …

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Graduates: building your online presence with LinkedIn (webinar)

Have you set up your LinkedIn profile but not sure what to do next? Join this webinar to progress your knowledge of the world’s biggest online networking site. This webinar is for those who are familiar with LinkedIn but would like to start using it in a more strategic manner. You will learn how to …

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