CCMI scientific steering committee


Michaela Hegglin (University of Reading, UK)


  1. Thomas Birner (dynamical processes, UTLS; US)
  2. Arlene Fiore (tropospheric chemistry and climate; US)
  3. Andrew Gettelman (clouds, UTLS; US)
  4. Peter Hess (CCMI hindcast, transport, tropospheric chemistry; US)
  5. Jean-Francois Lamarque (AerChemMIP, ESM modelling; NCAR, US)
  6. Hong Liao (vegetation-chemistry-aerosol-climate interactions, air quality; China)
  7. Gunnar Myhre (aerosols, radiative forcing, Norway)
  8. Tatsuya Nagashima (chemistry climate interactions, air quality; Japan)
  9. David Plummer (chemistry-climate modeller, CCMI data request; Canada)
  10. Tom Ryerson (insitu observations for model evaluation; US)
  11. Seok-Woo Son (chemistry-climate modelling, atmospheric dynamics; South Korea)
  12. Paul Young (CCMI hindcast, tropospheric chemistry, OH budget, stratospheric water vapor; UK)