Concepts: ontology and structure

This summer, the philosophy department will be holding a summer reading group. The subject of the group is Concepts: Ontology and Structure.

The ontology of concepts concerns what kind of thing concepts are i.e. are they abstract or psychological entities? Are they representational states? Are they more like abilities? The structure of concepts concerns the way concepts are built up, and the relations they have to one another. Do concepts have a definitional structure, or are they associated with a kind of prototype?

The group will meet every Thursday from 1pm onwards in G73 HumSS. It will run from the 9th July through to the 10th September. The schedule of the readings can be found in the google document below, and pdfs of the readings can be found in the dropbox folder below.

Reading List:

All are welcome, and consistent attendance is not required. If anyone has any questions, please email

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