September 2012

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Katherine Livingstone, a PhD student (supervised by Professors Ian Givens and Julie Lovegrove) studying the effect of lipids in dairy foods on risk of cardiovascular disease was earlier this year awarded a ‘Short Term Scientific Mission’ grant from the EU COST Project ‘Feed for Health’ ( to work in a laboratory in Finland on the identification of trans fatty acids in dairy products. She presented some of her findings at a COST conference in Copenhagen and was selected by the COST project to be one of the organisers of a workshop for Early Stage Researchers which was held in the University of Barcelona on 7-8 June 2012. This event was called ‘Feed Your Knowledge’ and details are available on The event covered key aspects of sustainability, nutrition, food safety etc. in the food chain and the University of Reading was well represented on the programme.

Katherine is to be congratulated on being a key driver of this event and in so doing she has been a real ambassador for the University of Reading.

Delegates in Barcelona (Katherine on extreme right, second row from front)