August 2013

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James Hunter has been awarded the 2013 CEMAS prize for the most-improved student performance.  James, who has obtained a first class honours MChem degree, is shown receiving the prize from Dr Alan Jutsum, Managing Director of CEM Analytical Services (CEMAS), Ascot.  The photograph shows from left to right:-


*         Michael Eustace, CEMAS Chairman
*         Dr Alan Jutsum, CEMAS Managing Director
*         James Hunter, winner of the CEMAS prize
*         Professor Matthew Almond

MJAgoldstaraward2013Professor Matthew Almond was presented with a Goldstar Award at the recent graduation ceremony by Vice-Chancellor, Sir David Bell.  Professor Almond was voted for a Goldstar Award by the students as “Best Lecturer in the Faculty of Life Sciences 2013”.  The photograph shows Professor Almond being presented with his award.

On Thursday 8th August, an additional Chemistry Department Research Colloquium will be given by Professor H Akio Kamimura, of Yamaguchi University, Japan. His talk is entitled  “A practical preparation of optically active b-amino-a-methylene esters and their use for heterocyclic synthesis.

This talk will present a tandem reaction strategy for preparing beta-amino-alpha-methylene esters from chiral sulfinimines and recent progress in heterocyclic synthesis using these compounds. This will include a radical cascade procedure including SH2 type substitution and a regioselective cascade Migita-Kosugi-Stille coupling reaction

This will take place at 11:00 AM in Chemistry LTG and will be preceded by refreshments in the Chemistry Foyer at 10:45 AM.