April 2013

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The University has been awarded the Platinum standard for implementing a full Environmental Management System.  An EMS is a structured framework that enables organisations to reduce their environmental impacts by implementing environmentally aware management practices; this covers areas as diverse as the use of natural resources, handling and treatment of waste, sustainable procurement and energy consumption.

The University signed up to the EcoCampus scheme which was set up specifically for the higher education sector.  The system is implemented in four phases; bronze, silver, gold and platinum, each stage is audited by an external party and an awards are subsequently given if the institute meets the standard.   The system is based on a ‘continual improvement’ principle and work will continue to imbed this system into all aspects of University activity.

Gaining this award is a stepping stone towards the university becoming more sustainable and ensures that development and growth of the University incorporates environmental sustainability, this will be an on-going process but it is hoped that sustainability will be part and parcel of everyone’s daily working systems in the future.

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The 2013 Green Impact Awards looks set to have been our most successful year to date. In total 19 teams achieved an award this year, with everyone managing to get at least the Bronze Award! The table tells it all, with 7 teams achieving a Gold Award this year.

Green impact awards results

Initial calculations show that the Green Impact Awards have saved the University 243 tCO2 and over £40,000!


For more informaiton on how to join next year, please visit: http://www.reading.ac.uk/cleanandgreen/Whatcanyoudo/EnvironmentalChampions/cag2-whatcanyoudo-environmentalchampions-greenimpactaward.aspx