26% carbon reduction delivers £10m savings for University

With a year to go for the delivery of our initial 35% carbon reduction target, we’re pleased to report that by July 2015, the University had achieved a 26% reduction against its 2008/09, saving £9.9 million for the University, together with a further £2.2 million for and by our partner organisations.

In carbon terms, this has saved the equivalent of 9,767 household’s annual carbon emissions and as the 2015/16 term commences, we are confident of our potential to deliver that 35% cut in emissions by July 2016.

Carbon Progress Graph 2014-15

In 2014/15, we completed another £850,000 of energy efficiency investments, including vastly improved energy metering for all our main campus buildings.

The first phase of our district heating project was also completed, with the second phase shortly due to come online, which will provide heat to 16 campus buildings as well as generating electricity through a combined heat & power (CHP) engine.  We’re also investing £1 million in fume cupboard efficiency upgrades and our Carbon Countdown behaviour change campaign promises to be our biggest yet.

We’ll be monitoring and reporting our progress closely throughout the year.  Our visual tracker in the Sustainability office keeps our minds focused on this goal:

Carbon Tracker

Our full Carbon Management progress report provides further detail on the work completed over the last year.

  1. Martin Wagner’s avatar

    Do you have a list of projects that have been part of the programme, what the planned CO2 savings were and what their costs were? Can you also show me a list of the projects ahead please.

    I teach environmental mgt to third years and an MSc module and use our C mgt programme as a case study.

    Also do you have an update on progress on others areas of the sustainability plans, including waste mgt?


  2. James Thorpe’s avatar

    Hi Martin,

    The best place to look would be our annual Carbon Management Progress reports. They provide the list of projects completed in the year along with the cost and the estimated carbon savings. The link to the latest one is here (previous issues can be found on the Clean and Green website): http://www.reading.ac.uk/web/FILES/cleanandgreen/Carbon_Management_progress_2014-15.pdf

    In terms of other areas of sustainability, again the Environment and Sustainability annual report would be the best place to look and covers, waste management, sustainable transport, energy etc. The link to that is here: http://www.reading.ac.uk/web/FILES/cleanandgreen/B13323_Environment_report_Final_May_2015.pdf

    Do feel free to email me at j.thorpe@reading.ac.uk if you need anything else.

    All the best,