New appointments and progress

We are delighted to announce that two Research Assistants have been apointed to work on the project with us – Carmen D’Cruz, who will be based at the University of Reading School of Law, and Laura Mayne, who will be based at the University of Portsmouth School of of Social, Historical and Literary Studies. They will be working during 2014 to bring the project to fruition, engaging with archival, empirical, and documentary sources to gain new insights into change over time.

As such, we will be looking for relevant archival sites and sources that really speak to the realities of health and safety regulation, policy, and change since 1960, and will also be looking to interview key players from the worlds of policy, industry, regulation, and the trade unions. If you have ideas about sources, or things that we should definitely be looking for, then please do get in touch or drop us a comment via this blog site! Thank you!

Paul and Mike