The last 6 months …

So, we’ve been rather quiet of late – mainly because we’ve had so much to do! We’ve spent a lot of the last 6 months or so finishing off the research, conducting the final interviews and having them transcribed, thinking about what it all means and putting together our final report, including recommendations for the future.

That report was sent off to IOSH in August, and is currently being reviewed – we’re expecting to hear back from IOSH shortly. There will probably be some changes to make as a result, but after that we’ll have the formal report in hand. This will be publicly released at the same time as all of the reports from the IOSH research programme as a whole – more details on this to follow as-and-when we have them.

We’ve also been working on a number of other publications – an article for a special issue, based around the IOSH research programme, of Policy and Practice in Heath & Safety; a chapter for a book made up of contributions from the various IOSH-funded research projects; and a chapter for a book, co-edited by Mike, on the history of governing risks in modern Britain.

Although the project funding is now finished, the work isn’t. We’re now working with IOSH on the formal launch of their whole research programme, and on various publications and other outputs. So, watch out for more from us over the coming months, including more posts on this blog.