Data Science Hackathon Club

Data Science Hackathon = creative ideas + data + programming (Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Data Mining/Data Visualization). We will organize short video lectures, hands-on tutorials, and practice workshops. This club will support students to form teams to participate data science hackathon or competition events. What you will learn will be useful for any free-form hackathon events, finding a Data Scientist job, or creating your own start-ups. Example events: Kaggle competitionsAustralian government open data hackathon. The content covers:

1) Theory: linear model, neural networks, reinforcement learning, generative models, …

2) Application: data visualization, Chat bots, poem writing program, computer music composer, game play agent, …

Everyone is welcome. Meeting every 2 weeks. Please check Blackboard Organizational announcements for more detailed content of every meeting.

Venue Polly Vacher, G45
Mailing list
Meeting frequency once every 2 weeks
Contact Dr. Huizhi(Elly) Liang

Extreme Programming

This is an extracurricular activity that fosters your programming skills and algorithmic thinking, and communication skills regarding programming. These capabilities are often key to yield high-profile jobs from, e.g., Silicon Valley companies like Google.

The club to which everyone – both, little or significant programming skills – is welcome, aims to:

  1. boost your programming confidence
  2. prepare you better for potential future jobs and programming competitions
  3. show that the algorithmic problem solving is fun!
Venue Polly Vacher
Mailinglist club-extreme-programming
Contact Dr. Julian Kunkel

Generally, the agenda for the meetings is as follows:

  1. two new problems are introduced (one easy and one hard). These problems are to be solved alone or in teams that you may form using the programming language of *your choice*.
  2. we discuss the problems that have been issued in the last meeting, having one of you present the approach/a solution, potentially me to provide suggestions/solution approach.
  3. we optionally discuss a data structure or algorithm, perform live coding of a problem, etc.

If you are interested, visit this page.