Advent Botany

In 2014 the idea developed of posting a Tweet, blog and Facebook entry for one plant related to Christmas for each day of advent.  At the end of that year it seemed there were far too many plants to cover in just 25 days.  In 2015 and 2016 new plants appeared and some previous ones were revisited. This challenging task has been shared among a group of volunteers from around the world.  Each has a novel story to tell about a plant dear to them or linked to local Christmas customs.  Huge thanks to the many contributors over the past three years.

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Advent Botany 2014

Advent Botany 2015

Advent Botany 2016

As December 2017 approaches it’s time to launch the next call for posts. If you would like to contribute to #AdventBotany2017 then go to the Doodle Poll and then drop me an email detailing your plan.

2017 dates booked so far:

1: Alastair Culham – Christmas cherry
2: Dawn Bazely – Cranberries
3: Amy Smith – apples and quince
4: Karen Andrews – Glastonbury thorn
5: Dawn Bazely – Ivy across the pond
6: Maria Christodoulou – Mastic
7: Robbie Blackhall-Miles – the lily revisited
8: Mandeep Matharu & Louise O’Beirne – Yuletide horticultural heros pt 1 Santa’s little helpers
9: Yvette Harvey & Maria Christodoulou – Yuletide horticultural heros pt 2 ‘Christmas’
10: Rachel Webster – Have yourself a microscopic Christmas
11: Dr M’s mystery Christmas
12: Adam Idoine – Feijoa
13: Szu Shen Wong – Pomegranate
14: Helen Miller – Nutmeg and mace
15: Jeanne Osnas/Katherine Preston – A surprise!
16: Maria Christodoulou & Kalman Konyves – Cardamom
16: Alastair Culham – Brazil nuts
18: Karen Andrews – Cyclamen persicum
19: Will Simpson – Christmas Kalanchoe
20: Hannah Josey – Holly
21: Dawn Bazely – Arctic cotton
22: Ali Eyres – Cork
23: Alastair Culham – Rosemary
24: Meg Cathcart-James – Juniper