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Microsatellite markers for DNA based identification of Narcissus cultivars

The first major refereed paper to emerge from Kalman’s thesis was published online today: MICROSATELLITE MARKERS FOR HOOP-PETTICOAT DAFFODILS (NARCISSUS SECT. BULBOCODII; AMARYLLIDACEAE) Applications in Plant Sciences 2016 4 (4): 1500127 The paper describes the screening of a novel … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Maria Christodoulou – Apple ID to PhD

Maria Christodoulou successfully defended her PhD viva voce today with examiners Professor Richard Sibly and Dr Stephen Harris (Oxford).  Her spritied defence of the use of computer imaging and a wide range of mathematical approaches to automate apple cultivar identification … Continue reading

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Advent Botany 2015 – Day 20: Sugar

By Jeanne Osnas and Katherine Preston (Botanists in the Kitchen) @BitKBlog Editor’s note: Botany meets the chopping board today in the first of two stories by the Botanists in the Kitchen.  Looking back through their blog you can meet an … Continue reading

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