#AdventBotany 2018, Day 1: Put a Cherry on the Top!

Red glace cherries on yellow marzipan

For me, the glace cherry is a staple ingredient of Christmas cooking. I include them in both my Christmas cake and Christmas pudding recipes – both are based on ‘Delia Smith’s Christmas’ although her original version of the pudding recipe does not have cherries in.

Cherry in English derives from the French ‘cherise’ which in turn comes from ‘cerasum’, the Latin for cherry which refers to the geographic origin of cultivated cherries; Kerasous ( Κερασοῦς, an ancient Greek name for Giresun in modern day Turkey).  Some cherry species have this name embedded in their scientific name (e.g. Prunus cerasifera, Prunus cerasus, Prunus cerasoides) but, rather ironically, not the sweet cherry of cultivation! Continue reading

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