Avril Maddrell
Associate Professor in Human Geography (PI, University of Reading)
Avril is a social and cultural geographer interested in historical and contemporary issues. Research interests include gender; emotional-affective geographies; deathscapes; sacred mobilities; place, landscape and heritage; historiography; and charity shops as socio-cultural spaces. She is the principal investigator of the Deathscapes and Diversity research project.


Yasminah Beebeejaun
Senior Lecturer at The Bartlett School of Planning (UCL)
Yasminah’s background is in Urban Planning. Her research focuses the ways in which representations of race, including national debates about identity, lead to the territorialisation of certain spaces as ethnic, and the impact that this has on modes and methods of community participation, and ultimately on urban regeneration and city development. Also, her research interests include the creation of inequalities both within historical and contemporary debates about nationhood, colonialism, and postcolonial society in post-war Britain and North America, and the integration of different forms of knowledge in decision-making, and the opportunities that this creates for new ways of engaging with communities.

Katie McClymont
Senior Lecturer in Planning & Architecture (UWE)
Katie is a planner interested in planning theory, and its relationship with practice and community involvement in planning. Her current research interests focus on cemeteries in cities, and how policy can deal with spiritual values. Her areas of expertise are planning theory, public participation, values and professional practice, postsecular cities, community assets.

Danny McNally
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Human Geography (University of Reading)
Danny is a social and cultural geographer whose research focuses on contemporary urban issues and how these intersects with ideas of partici-pation, difference and diversity. He engages with this through focusing empirically on 1) town and city planning, and 2) the arts and cultural sector. This academic work is supported by previous industry experience in urban planning policy and consultation work in galleries and museums.


Brenda Mathijssen
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Human Geography (University of Reading)
Brenda’s background is in Religious Studies. Her research focuses on lived religion, death and meaning-making in contemporary societies, where set beliefs and practices are no longer widely shared and self-evident.


Sufyan Abid
Senior research fellow (NHS)
Sufyan is an anthropologist interested in exploring how practicing Islam in Britain is shaped by transnational networks of reformist Muslims. Currently, he is exploring the role of Islamic Religious Settings in Britain in tackling childhood obesity.