Working paper published on Immersive Visualisation of BIM

We have published a new working paper by one of our summer placement students Ben Dalton, who recently finished working with the Design Innovation Research Centre as part of a 6 week UROP project (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme), on Immersive Visualisation of Building Information Models. His research was to investigate and produce efficient work-flows, for conversion of 3D CAD and BIM data, for use with the University of Reading’s fully immersive visualisation systems, the CAVE environment.The working paper series is designed to rapidly disseminate findings to industrial partners, and to ensure that the latest research contributes to ongoing policy debates. You can read the full paper on our website.

Digital design and building safety paper among top 25

The Design Innovation Research Centre article  “Construction safety and digital design: A review” by Wei Zhou, Jennifer Whyte and Rafael Sacks  is recognized by Science Direct as one of the Top 25 papers published in Automation in Construction in 2012.

This work has been discussed in a presentation on Digital Design and Safety on 10 September 2013  to the CIC event on BIM and Health and Safety (H&S). More details of the IOSH ‘Building Safely in Design’ are on the main website.