Great Railway Debate 18 March 2014

Great Railway Debate: How Britain’s railways can meet the needs of the 21st century  – This event, at 6pm on 18 March 2014 at the University of Reading, provides a briefing on the way in which the Railways are changing over the next 10 to 20 years, with the opportunity for the audience to ask questions and to express their own views. Professor Jennifer Whyte will be on the panel to talk about Digital Asset Information, discussing research on managing data from delivery into operations, alongside other speakers Rob Avery, Construction Planner for HS2; Terry Morgan, Chairman of Crossrail, Paul Newman, Network Rail. Chaired by Professor Stuart Green, this is the eighth in a series of similar events covering topics of general interest to both engineers and the general public, organised by the Engineering Institutions in the Thames Valley to demonstrate how engineering is contributing to developments in our railway system that will benefit the travelling public. For further information or to book to attend:

BIM Workshop

Leif Granholm, Senior Vice President, Tekla

Leif Granholm, Senior Vice President at Tekla, Finland visited the Design Innovation Research Centre. He has been involved with the development of BIM related software since 1979, when he joined Tekla as Programmer, then IT Manager, Sales Representative, Senior Consultant, Technology Director and Director for both Public Infra and Energy/Utilities Business Areas. He has also worked as Managing Director for the Swedish Subsidiary and been responsible for Tekla’s construction industry business in the Nordic and the Baltic countries. Leif also participates in the planning of Tekla’s BIM strategy, implementation and support. He is Tekla’s strategic level representative in Building SMART and also serves as Trimble corp:s representative in OGC, building SMART alliance and a number of ISO committees.

Leif Granholm met with those staff and students at the University of Reading whose research area is related to BIM and made a presentation on DRUM research project dealing with distributed information management in BIM, and web based BIM.