Dr Mallia-Parfitt presents his research worldwide

Join us on February 18 for Dr. Maxwell Mallia-Parfitt’s presentation of the 3D MOVE: A Mobile Visualization Environments for Construction Applications.

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So far, over 40% of registrants for this meeting have indicated that their organization has considered the use of advanced visualization technologies such as augmented or virtual reality tools, and they have also expressed a medium to high level of familiarity with them. Building on this interest from the industry, Maxwell’s presentation will provide an overview of how this immersive visualization environment is being tested for its implementation in the design and field office.

This project builds on previous research to enable 1:1 scale simulation of 3D models and built environments. However, this particular technology is designed for easy deployment and transportation to and from site. Maxwell will discuss technical aspects of the 3D MOVEs development, installation and initial user testing, as well as the improvements that come from using models at life-size. Main takeaways from this meeting include:

  • Applications of mobile visualization environments
  • Process for deploying mobile visualization environments in field offices
  • Context of site testing, installation and operation
  • Benefits from interaction with BIM models in this type of environment

Presentation Background
This research at the University of Reading has focused on multi-user interaction in a Collaborative Virtual Environment (CAVE). Support is provided for various types of Virtual Reality systems, mainly concentrating on CAVEs, down to desktops and head-mounted display. The 3D MOVE project aims to bring fully immersive collaborative visualization to both design and field offices. Applications of this technology could include team training in potentially hazardous unreproducible scenarios, marketing applications demonstrating consumer/environment interaction, group physiological assessment and social interaction/entertainment.

Towards a new craft of architecture

A review of the book “The Death of Drawing” is published in Building Research and Information as:

Whyte, J. (2015) Towards a new craft of architecture, Book review: The Death of Drawing: Architecture in the Age of Simulation by David Ross Scheer, Building Research and Innovation, Vol. 42, No. 2, pp. 263-265.

and available at www.dx.doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2015.962240