Managing Change in Complex Projects

Find out why Airbus, CERN and Crossrail value configuration management in a new  International Journal of Project Management (IJPM) paper “Managing Change in Complex Projects: Configuration Management, Asset Information and ‘Big Data’.” This paper by Jennifer Whyte, Angelos Stasis and Carmel Lindkvist is now available online at  The research will be discussed in a webinar on 1 July 2015, hosted by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). More details of this will be available soon.

Fiatech-COMIT Mobile IT Community of Interest webinar by Dr Maxwell Mallia-Parfitt

In this meeting, Dr. Maxwell Mallia-Parfitt presented the 3D MOVE: A Mobile Visualization Environments for Construction Applications.

This project builds on previous research to enable 1:1 scale simulation of 3D models and built environments. However, this particular technology is designed for easy deployment and transportation to and from site. Maxwell discussed technical aspects of the 3D MOVEs development, installation and initial user testing, as well as the improvements that come from using models at life-size.