Managing Change in Complex Projects

Find out why Airbus, CERN and Crossrail value configuration management in a new  International Journal of Project Management (IJPM) paper “Managing Change in Complex Projects: Configuration Management, Asset Information and ‘Big Data’.” This paper by Jennifer Whyte, Angelos Stasis and Carmel Lindkvist is now available online at  The research will be discussed in a webinar on 1 July 2015, hosted by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). More details of this will be available soon.

Towards a new craft of architecture

A review of the book “The Death of Drawing” is published in Building Research and Information as:

Whyte, J. (2015) Towards a new craft of architecture, Book review: The Death of Drawing: Architecture in the Age of Simulation by David Ross Scheer, Building Research and Innovation, Vol. 42, No. 2, pp. 263-265.

and available at