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Video Upload Widget operational once again

The issues mentioned in the last blog post have now been resolved. The video widget now has a tab all to itself under the E-Learning Support tab group on our system (as pictured). As a result of the upgrade and … Continue reading

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Video Upload Widget Issues in Blackboard v9.1

Since the upgrade of our instance of Blackboard (to version 9.1) we’re having some issues with the Video Upload widget that until recently was working. The widget consists of just HTML and Javascript and should work in any system, but … Continue reading

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External Pilot

At the last Steering Group, Mark Gamble from the University of Bedfordshire informed us that they are now just in the process of setting a virtual machine to act as server for piloting the Video Upload widget we have developed. … Continue reading

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Approaches to Technical Evaluation

Although I’ve written many posts on meeting with pilot leads and interested parties, it’s occured to me that I’ve never fully elaborated on my original post (“Invitation to Pilot”) and explained the way in which we are effectively evaluating the … Continue reading

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Basic LTI – part III

You might have seen the problems I ran into yesterday, trying to set up the java servlet Basic LTI server / test environment, in my previous blog post. I am very happy to be reporting some good news! I’ve just … Continue reading

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Basic LTI – part II (warning geek code ahead)

I’m trying to setup a Basic LTI (bLTI) tool provider server in java. The reason for this is described in this post. I’ve chosen to use the java-servlet implementation at IMS-DEV. This has proven to be a bit more difficult … Continue reading

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Basic LTI – part I

I’ve started investigate the IMS Basic LTI (bLTI) widget possibilities for DEVELOP. Like Wookie, Google Widgets and any other widget framework, bLTI needs  a server, in IMS terms called a Tool Provider, for the Tool Consumer, which in our case … Continue reading

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Progress (of a sort) with the e-Portfolio Templates widget

Since my last meeting with Louise, I’ve been working on the e-Portfolio Templates widget, specifically looking at customising it for her Legal Skills module. When the first instance of this is done, we’ll have our first use case scenario to test out. I have, … Continue reading

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Destinations as a content widget?

Previous blog posts have discussed the issues surrounding the license issues of using Destinations® for the content widget functionalities, and those issues have been solved for usage inside BB – not for general open widget purposes. I’ve started the technical … Continue reading

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TagAll, IE and Houston We Have A Problem!

I’ve been working on finalising the tag/recommender plugin and we have a serious problem. We determined that we needed a TagAll button, instead of separate buttons for each tag field. I implemented this, but unfortunately the version of the Prototype.js … Continue reading

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