Using… LinkedIn to boost your professional or departmental profile.

LinkedIn is a professional networking tool. It allows you to add connections to other users to develop an online network, providing a means of staying in touch with peers and colleagues. The profile format is rather like an online CV, so it gives users an idea of your professional interests and expertise. Continue reading

Using social media to boost your professional profile or promote your department

On Wednesday 1 February, Emily Goodhand, the University’s Copyright Compliance Officer presented to the Digital Development forum on how she has used social media to boost her professional profile. (Why not read Emily’s post on the Digitally Ready blog or download Emily’s presentation slides.)

Emily is an avid Twitter user and tweets under the name of @copyrightgirl. By regularly tweeting focused, topical, considered comments and engaging in debate in the twittersphere on copyright issues, Emily has built up quite a following. As a result, she has been invited to speak at a number of events on copyright issues and her views on current issues surrounding copyright and intellectual property are well respected. Having built up a network of copyright professionals, Emily has also built up a virtual team that the University can draw on when complex copyright issues arise.

Twitter isn’t the only social networking tool that can be used professionally, and there are a    number of tools that you can use to boost your individual profile or that of your department.  Continue reading