Providing a low-cost video production service

More and more questions about video are coming in to our office. All too often, they are from departments that would like to use video to show off their unique aspects, but don’t have the skills or resource to make the videos themselves. Until recently, the only option that we were able to offer was to bring in an external video production company. The problem is that professional outfits like these charge thousands of pounds for a few minutes of footage – albeit polished, high quality, fully branded footage. Not only is this beyond the budget of both departments, the nature of the video is also not what many departments are looking for, so as a team we decided to come up with a solution. Continue reading

Using… Blogs to boost your professional or departmental profile


Blogs are a great way of communicating your thoughts and opinions on a subject, or of keeping your audience up to date with developments in your work. A blogging service allows you to create posts that are displayed in reverse chronological order. Typically, you can also apply categories to your posts, which allow your users to find other articles on the same topic. Departments or units can make use of the University’s blogging service (, but for individuals there are a broad range of equivalent options. Many are free, but for a small (usually annual) fee you could add a custom URL, such as Continue reading