Case study 3: Film, theatre and television – developing new functionality

Film, theatre and television wanted us to help rework their undergraduate pages. The aim was to make the site appeal more to their prospective students, who are typically very visually oriented, and to show off their state-of-the-art facilities. Part of their request was for an image slideshow – functionality that didn’t yet exist within the CMS (see the post on image gallery slideshows in the CMS  for more on the development of this tag). Continue reading

Case study 2: Campus Services – creation of service led sites

We were approached by Campus Services to update their web presence as part of a wider project to rework FMD’s online content. Our team worked with Campus Services to develop a suite of sites with a structure based on user needs, rather than organisational hierarchy. This included conducting user testing to identify the needs of University staff, as well as working with Campus Services staff to write content appropriate for the web, based on their internal documentation. Continue reading

Case study 1: Merging departmental sites to reflect restructuring

As part of the University’s restructuring project, several departments within a faculty were merged. These mergers had to be reflected on the web, which sparked a project to combine several of the sites. This process didn’t always run smoothly, so we have these issues back into the way we work to ensure that future projects face fewer problems. Continue reading