Colloquium for Richard Hoyle

Interdisciplinary workshop to mark the appointment of Professor Richard Hoyle as Director of the Victoria County History

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Henley Business School, University of Reading Whiteknights Campus,

Room G04

1pm – 5pm


1pm:   Lunch & Welcome


1.30pm:Session One

Dr Elizabeth Matthew: ‘Reassessing the Irish “extension” to the Wars of the Roses, 1462’.

Dr Mark Casson: ‘Medieval Urban Rents: A Case Study of Hull’

Dr Rebecca Bullard: ‘Robinson Crusoe and pastoral politics’


3pm: Tea & Coffee


3.15pm: Session Two

Dr Mary Morrissey: ‘John Jewel’s Challenge sermon: the afterlife of Reformation polemic’

Professor Ralph Houlbrooke: ‘Late Elizabethan Swallowfield re-visited’

Dr Janet Dickinson: ‘Richard Hoyle and Tudor Monarchy: a personal approach’


4.45pm: Rev Dr Margaret Yates Richard Hoyle in Reading and Beyond




In order to assist with catering & seating arrangements, please register your attendance by emailing Helen Parish (