April 2015

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Friday 8 May 2015 from 14.00 – 17.30 in Humanities Building G74 University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus.

Format: Six 20-minute research papers with 10 minutes discussion of each


2.00 Francesco Boldizzone (with Pat Hudson): ‘In Search of Pluralism: The Global Economic History Project (2010-15)’.

2.30 Joel Felix: War finance, profit and morality: Louis XIV’s crackdown on the financiers

3.00. Peter Scott: Bringing Affluence to the Masses; Innovations in production, marketing and value chains for consumer durables in inter-war Britain

3.30 Tea and coffee

4.00 Mike Stringer: Cash or Honour : Investment choices in Roman agriculture

4.30 Costanza Biavaschi: The Americanization of migrants’ names in 1920 New York

5.00 Mark Casson (with Catherine Casson): The economy of medieval cities: Urban property rents in Bristol, 1200-1500

5.30 END (Drinks and Dinner optional)

Conference organised by the Centre for Institutional Performance and the Centre for Economic History.

To be held on Wednesday 22nd April from 09.30 to 17.30 in the Humanities Building G86, University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus.


9.00-9.30 Registration

9.30-10.15 Keynote

Roy Edwards (University of Southampton)

‘Government intervention and the business model for freight: too much too late or too little too early?’

10.15-10.45 Refreshments

10.45-13.00 Carrying before 1850

Dorian Gerhold (University of Roehampton)

‘Road carrying by waggon and packhorse, c.1680-1840’

Carolyn Dougherty (University of York)

‘The carrying trade and the first railways in England’

Pete Maw (University of Leeds)

‘Roads, water and rails: transport methods and the trade between Liverpool and Manchester, 1800-1850’

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-16.15 Road and rail after 1840

John Dodgson (John Dodgson Consulting)‘Rail freight and the national economy, 1842 to 2014’ Tony Atkins (University of Reading)‘Less haste, more speed: the Great Western Railway’s freight policy and practice, ca 1900-14) (title TBC)  Thomas Spain (University of York)‘Milk transport between 1920 and 1945’

16.15-16.30 Break

16.30-17.30 Round table discussion on history and the future of UK distribution

Panel (TBC) includes: Tom Zunder (Newcastle University), Colin Divall (University of York), Roy Edwards (University of Southampton)

Registration is free. To reserve a place please contact Aleiah Burgess-Potter a.r.b.potter@reading.ac.uk. For general enquiries contact Mark Casson m.c.casson@reading.ac.uk.