Plenty of action in Leagues One and Two this weekend. Can stumbling Wycombe get back on track? The bookmakers think they can against Rochdale (55% for the win), whereas RED is more sceptical, putting their chances at nearer to 40%.

In League Two, Newport have recovered after going ten games without a win. But they face leaders Swindon. Can they win the Great Western Railway Derby? RED gives them more chance than the bookmakers, but not by much.

  • Expected Goals: the forecast average number of goals the Model expects for Home and Away teams
  • Outcome Probs: the model predicted % chance of either a Home or Away win, with 100 minus these two numbers being the % chance of a draw.
  • Score Picks: the Most likely forecast scoreline outcome, as well as the most likely conditional on the most likely result outcome happening.
  • Home wins / Draws / Away wins: the predicted % chance of various potential scoreline outcomes of the match.
  • Mean odds: Estimates of online bookmakers’ average probability forecasts for the Home and Away teams to win, which could be compared with Outcome Probs.