League forecasts

Final league position forecasts are given below. These incorporate all information from all matches and competitions up to August 2019.

Most likely final position and chances of: winning the title, finishing in the top 4 or 6, relegation, automatic promotion and making at least the playoffs. (last updated: 9/8/2019)

English Premier League, 2019/20

Key (% likelihood of…)

  • Position: Most likely finishing position and chance of that.
  • Title: winning the league title
  • Top 4: finishing in the top 4 and (probably) qualifying for Champions League
  • Top 4: finishing in the top 6 and (probably) qualifying for Europa League
  • Relegation: relegation by finishing in bottom 3/4
  • AP: automatic promotion by finishing in positions 1-2/3
  • Poffs: at least making the playoffs by finishing in top 6/7