Teaching Fellowship Support by Helen Hathaway

If you are considering applying for University Teaching Fellowship/Early Careers Teaching Fellowship or even a National Teaching Fellowship you might like to know that there is some informal support and advice available to you from the Community of Practice of staff who have been there and done that already.

Our group includes UTFS’s, NTFS’s and ECTFS’s from a broad range of Schools and support services including CDoTL and the Library. Find out who we are via CDoTL’s web pages

Many of us have also been successful in applying for funding for teaching and learning projects both within the University and beyond e.g. JISC and HEA funding so again if you are thinking of doing this we can offer help and support.

Just email us at UTFS@reading.ac.uk and we will put you in touch with an individual to speak to, but please don’t stop talking to your colleagues and mentors too!

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